Sales support

Unite and reconcile your sales team with prospection

Prospection is a business based on a communicable know-how, growing through practice.
We communicate our expertise to your field and in-house teams, to increase their level of performance


Blitz Day

A blitz day is a turnkey service supporting you for any specific action. Clara experts assist you during your phone marketing operations, from set up to appointments making and final debrief. We benefit from over 10 years of expertise in the projects detection field and we master the prospecting techniques



We can coach you to support in situ your sales force during the whole process, from the leads search to the design of the calls scripts.

Clara Data

Data have a specific meaning and can really make the difference when it is used to contribute towards the development of your activity and/or the quality of your services. Data has to be aligned on your business strategy. More than a data, accurate, relevant and rich information turns a simple database into a powerful weapon of business conquest.

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