Project detection

Identify new opportunities to grow your sales portfolio

Looking for new opportunities is at the core of your development. Telephone is the only way to increase the qualification level anticipated by your sales forces. Create a contact with a decision maker, be credible, identify his concerns, understand his challenges and qualify the maturity of his reflection is not an improvisation game. It’s a capacity.

We are confident in the quality of services we deliver, and commit ourselves on results, whatever formula you choose.


Dedicated unit

You have decided to entrust us with your prospection and leads follow-up. Prospects become an integrated part of the company we are involved with. Clara delivers these leads when they reach an appropriate maturity level, according to your business strategy.


Projects involvement pack

You have budgets constraints. Together, you and us, decide on the quality and quantity of projects to be detected. Then Clara applies the means and methods which will deliver the best commitment to results.

Clara Data

Data have a specific meaning and can really make the difference when it is used to contribute towards the development of your activity and/or the quality of your services. Data has to be aligned on your business strategy. More than a data, accurate, relevant and rich information turns a simple database into a powerful weapon of business conquest.

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