Increase your company’s business assets

You have decided for an in-house database management?

Free your marketing potential: this asset will allow you to build powerful customized campaigns to attract new customers. Clara supports you in building and developing this customer/prospect toolkit.

Database audit and analysis
Provide data
Build data





Data Quality

Structure and Update your database, and optimize your growth



You cannot consider the enhancement of your data’s quality as a “fast solution”, but as a full, continuous and fundamental process, aiming at raising their value.
Good quality data are updated data: correct, accurate, unique, manageable and cost effective.
To align your database on your marketing strategy, we have developed an unique and pragmatic method:

Content analysis
Improvements recognition
Optimization of existing assets


Data Development

Enrich your database and align it on your market


Tailored records

You need to empower your CRM, to optimize a telemarketing campaign, to help a partner? Clara retrieves information from its base (Cara Data), according to your selected criteria.


Contacts enrichment

You address business functions which don’t exist in the market databases? Our IT experts identify, within complex organization, the prospects which might be interested by your offer.


Emails rental

Thanks to its highly focused database (IT) and to its profiling facilities, Clara Data is considered as one of the most performing communication tools on the market. Clara goes beyond the trivial rental of email addresses. The company sets up campaigns with an outstanding opening rate (Ca 10/15% on prospects).


Accounts mapping

Set up a sales strategy focusing on large accounts needs a deep knowledge of their organization and the way they operate, the proper identification of the key decision centers and makers.