Data : our core business


Database means empowerment:

The empowerment to easily communicate your value proposition to the largest number of potentially interested customers/prospects, and thus develop your sales opportunities.

Two paths can be used to benefit from this high quality information :
– Investment on your database development and enrichment
– Acquisition of the data best fitting your ongoing actions

From data to business success

Data brings meaning and makes a real difference when used to contribute toward your activity’s development or to the quality of your customer service. Beyond data, a fair, reliable and rich information turns a simple database into a powerful business conquest weapon.



Whatever your strategy, Clara stays at your side

Our Data Services offering is designed to leverage your business assets.

Using Clara Data, its powerful agent, Clara has designed a whole set of Business Services, to promote your value proposition and increase your potential business opportunities.

About us


Norbert Wingerter and Jean-Christophe Lavillette, former senior executives at Partner Systems / Morse. They aimed at creating a telemarketing services only company. Convinced that the use of a proprietary tool was the best way to offer a high level service, they designed their own database.


Aware of the superior value of this tool, Clara founders start selling/renting it. They named it Clara Data. As it contains information that many hardware or software vendors cannot get from their own customers (installed base, number of servers, size of their storage units…) Clara Data has become a rich tool, addressing a variety of services.


Clara opens a subsidiary in Morocco, run by 2 persons. But the IT expertise is in France, and French based players have the best knowledge about French corporations. The subsidiary is closed in 2009.


Clara moves to Normandy and hires its new experts among the best elements in the local market;


Introduction of the cloud platform for online data consultation, based on technology.


Clara turns to the corner of business services: aware of its communication expertise made available to customers in a discrete manner, Clara intends to develop a full range of lead generation tools.

Why Clara?

Backed by 15years of experience, Clara masters the entire prospection process:
data, projects qualification, lead management.


An IT expert

Clara has developed a strong IT companies expertise: Accounts / companies / installed bases / business expertise.
Clara identifies its customer’s problems, and Clara’s team clearly understands the underlying messages.


Clara Data

In 2003 Clara designed Clara Data, its proprietary base, constantly updated and enriched by the Clara Team, using a strong expertise in database management, a service today at the partner’s disposal.



Clara commits rather on results: leads, appointments, than how the results are reached. This represents the insurance of a ROI in sync with your campaigns, and an optimized targeting.


Loyal employees

Recruited for their capacity to sell and for their character, trained for your business and products, they appropriate your sales pitch. We give them strong motivation (challenges, bonuses). We give them the support of management professionals, we owe them respect and regard. Some of them, our Sales Champions) work on long term contracts (2 or 3 years) with hardware or software vendors.

Clara Data

Data have a specific meaning and can really make the difference when it is used to contribute towards the development of your activity and/or the quality of your services. Data has to be aligned on your business strategy. More than a data, accurate, relevant and rich information turns a simple database into a powerful weapon of business conquest.

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